The Inception workshop of the grant project “Transition towards electric mobility in Armenia” and the first meeting of the Steering Committe took place

On March 26, 2022, the Inception workshop of “Transition towards electric mobility in Armenia” grant project and the first meeting of the Steering Committe took place at the Tezh Ler Resort(Lori region, Shahumyan village, 24 km of the Dilijan-Vanadzor highway).

Deputy Minister of Environment Anna Mazmanyan, Director of the “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” SA Armen Yesoyan, members of the team of “Transition towards electric mobility in Armenia” project, members of the Steering Committe, beneficiaries, community representatives, employees of the “EPIU”, as well as other invited persons took part in the Inception workshop and the meeting of the Steering Committe.

The Inception workshop ended with a demonstration of charging stations and electric vehicles in the open air.

The project is carried out by the “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia, according to the agreement concluded between the EPIU and the UN Environment Programme.

The duration of the project is 3 years. Its overall goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector, stimulating the transition towards electric mobility. The project is implemented with the financing of the Global Environment Facility, the UN Environment Programme, as well as with the co-financing of the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

The project consists of 3 components, which are presented below:

Component 1. Institutionalizati on and strategic planning for low-carbon e-mobility

Component 2: Short term barrier removal through low-carbon e-mobility demonstrations

Component 3. Policy development for scale-up and replication of low-carbon electric mobility based on lessons learned from the pilot