Working visit to Ararat marz

On the 15th January, 2019 in the scope of “Implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality concept in Ararat valley of Armenia” pilot project the deputy director of “EPIU” SI S. Baloyan, head of eco-educational division R. Shahazizyan, head of budget projects implementation division M. Tovmasyan, senior specialist of eco-educational division G. Mirzoyan and deputy head of Bioresources Management Agency A. Vardevanyan have visited to the Narek community of Ararat marz.

The main aim was:

  1. Provision of information about the “Implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality concept in Ararat valley of Armenia” pilot project to the head of Narek community and staff of community council.
  2. Discussion of envisaged activities by the project.
  3. Collection of opinions of the community council and justification of project areas.
  4. Discussion of selection standards of potential stakeholders and justification of initial list.

During the meeting, residents of the community were also present.

  1. Baloyan and A. Vardevanyan have presented the aim of project, problems and their solutions. It has been noted that project is targeted to the prevention of soil degradation, the increase in residents’ profits, saving of irrigation water and decrease of anthropogenic pressure on «Khosrov Forest» State Reserve. The participants of the meeting have evaluated the project positively, by noting that it would benefit to the prevention of agricultural land degradation, to the increase of irrigation water usage efficiency, the increase of stakeholders’ knowledge and improvement of residents’ social conditions.

It has been agreed:

  1. On 23rd of January, once again present the project to the community residents, during the organized public hearings.
  2. Provide the community council’s decisions about selection of project areas to the «EPIU» SI up to 25th of January, 2019.