Working visit to Narek community

On the 6th February, 2019 in the scope of “Implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality concept in Ararat valley of Armenia” pilot project the director of “EPIU” SI M. Galstyan, deputy director S. Baloyan, and head of eco-educational division R. Shahazizyan have visited Narek community of Ararat marz. The main aim of the business trip was:

  1. Clarification of the areas, where drip irrigation systems should be implemented in Narek Community.
  2. Preliminary assessment of activities’ volume and value.
  3. Clarification of roadside areas, where the trees should be planted, the species and quantity of trees.
  4. Preliminary assessment of volume and value of irrigation network, in the roadside areas where trees should be planted.

In the municipality of Narek community, a meeting was organized with the head of community and members of the council. During the meeting applications of residents regarding insertion of drip irrigation system and the decision of council about the roadside tree planting were discussed. The head of community and council members have noted that the principle of justice has been preserved and all the applications have been discussed during the Council meeting. The representatives of “EPIU” SI with stakeholders of the community have visited potential areas and have observed all the opportunities of inserting drip irrigation system in community. Specifically, the existence of irrigation water, conditions of pipelines, the volume of basic and supplementary activities. It was decided to continue activities and during a week finalize the clarification process of the areas to be included in the project and the value of implementing activities according to components.