Working visit to Narek community

On the 14th March, 2019 in the frameworks of “Implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality concept in Ararat valley of Armenia” pilot project the deputy director of “EPIU” SI S. Baloyan, head of eco-educational division R. Shahazizyan, head of budget projects implementation division M. Tovmasyan, senior specialist of eco-educational division G. Mirzoyan with a working visit have taken a trip to Narek community of Ararat marz.

The primary purpose of the working visit was:

  1. Observe the working process of establishment of fruit orchards with the drip irrigation system in Narek community.
  2. Pass the first batch of bio-humus to the community.

In Narek community all the areas, where was envisaged to establish more than 10 hectares fruit orchards with drip irrigation system were visited. For more than 5 hectares areas the activities for creation of fruit orchards have been started. The preparation of planting pits is being implemented by means of the grant, and the acquisition of seedlings and plantation activities are investments of the stakeholders. The implementation activities are at a sufficient level which means that the planting pits meet the requirements of ToR, seedlings are of high quality, and the plantation process is in accordance with accepted agrotechnical conditions.

The first batch of 5 tones of bio-humus was passed to the community, which should be used for the enrichment of planting soil.