The first official visit of the Minister of Environment to the Environmental Project Implementation Unit

On April 8, 2022, Minister of Environment Hakob Simidyan paid a working visit to the “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Agency.
The Minister held a discussion meeting with the heads and employees of the departments to get acquainted with the progress and results of the ongoing and planned projects.

The Acting Director of the EPIU Armen Yesoyan and the heads of departments presented the progress of the projects to the Minister.

The Minister stressed the importance of uninterrupted and smooth progress of the implemented projects, since each of them is aimed with its final determination at improving the state of the environment in the Republic of Armenia and the quality of life of citizens.

At the moment, the “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” of the Ministry of Environment is implementing 7 projects:

  • Sterngthening land based adaptation capacity in communities adjacent to protected areas in Armenia
  • Engaging future leaders: digital education module on adaptation challenges and best practices for youth
  • Forest resilienece of Armenia, enhancing adaptation and rural green growth via mitigation
  • “Sustainable Capacity Building for Effective Participation in the BCH” third national program
  • Transition towards electric mobility in Armenia
  • Artik city closed stonepit wastes and flood management
  • De-risking and scaling-up investment in energy efficient building retrofits

The Minister stressed that the results of the projects should be clear and measurable, highlighting the projects containing a component of the restoration of forest territories in Armenia.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister stated that there is a great potential to activate the ongoing work of the projects, and everything possible should be done to breathe new life into all projects and programs and into their implementation.

In this context, Minister Hakob Simidyan stressed the importance of the role of the EPIU staff and their professional abilities and promised to make efforts to improve the conditions of the office building and strengthen the capacities of employees.