Seminar-consultation with representatives of the Armenian banking system

In the frameworks of “Readiness Support” program of Green Climate Fund “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” is implementing seminar-consulting about the duties of Fund, and the opportunities of cooperation with it. On 19 December 2018, the ordinal organized consultation’s participants were representatives of the Armenian Banking system: the deputy chairman of Central Bank of Armenia N. Yeritsyan, managers and specialists of commercial banks. The deputy minister of the Ministry of Nature Protection I. Ghaplanyan has welcomed and presented the new opportunities of climate financing, the challenges of climate change, the strategy of Armenia, and cooperation with Green Climate Fund. Experts of “EPIU” have provided detailed information about Green Climate Fund’s accreditation process, and it’s grants, loans and other resources, and the possibilities of implementing climate change programs with the support of the Fund. An interesting discussion was launched, as a result of which the parties agreed on the further cooperation. In the end, a brief guide on the activities, as well as opportunities for the cooperation of the Green Climate Fund was provided to the participants, published by the “EPIU” with the Fund.