Land reclamation activities in Nahapetavan and Harich communities

On 23 and 30 Septmber 2019 in the frameworks of “Artik city closed stone pit wastes and flood management” pilot project employees of EPIU took a business trip to Harich and Nahapetavan communities of Artik region, for organizing land reclamation activities. In the result of initial discussions with Community Heads, Council members and stakeholders it was decided to hand in the mineral and organic fertilizers to beneficiaries on 23rd and 30th September in Harich and Nahapetavan communities, respectively, and at the same time organize land reclamation activities. In Harich the total number of stakeholders was 102 people, and in Nahapetavan 142 people. The total area of fertilizing lands is 60 hectares, and in Nahapetavan 80 hectares.