Devolution Ceremony of Nissan SUVs and fire-fighting equipment

“EPIU” SA implements “Fire-fighting capacity building in “SPNA”s, acquirement of necessary equipment” program supported by the Caucasus Nature Fund. In the frameworks of program, Nissan SUVs supplemented by fire-fighting equipment, and supplies were acquired for “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve and “Dilijan” National Park SNCOs. The mentioned activities were coordinated by the Head of implementation unit of budget projects of the “EPIU” SA M. Tovmasyan.

On 14 June 2019 the devolution ceremony of mentioned equipment to “Khosrov Forest” State Reserve and “Dilijan” National Park SNCOs took place. During the ceremony minister of the ministry of environment Erik Grigoryan, General Secretary Vahe Jilavyan, Board Chairman of Caucasus Nature Fund David Morrison, Executive director George (Geof) Giacomini, Head of Energy Department of KfW Thomas Eisenbach, National coordinator Arman Vermishyan, Director of “EPIU” SA Meruzhan Galstyan, and employees of ministry of environment and “EPIU” SA were present.