Delegation to Poland

Within the scope of “Assistance to the development of institutional skills with the objective to ensure environmental management, involvement and transparency in mining sector” grant project of “Institutional Development Fund“ the RA Ministry of Nature Protection delegation visited Zabrze, Tychy, Pszczyna, Katowice, Warsaw in Poland. The RA Ministyr of Nature Protection was represented by Ashot Hovhannisyan, Advisor to the Minister, Naira Alaverdyan, head of Secretariat, Vigen Avetisyan, head of Department of underground resources and land protection policy, Samvel Baloyan, deputy director of “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Institution and Edik Voskanyan, head of Department of donor assistance projects. Representatives of Syunik and Lori Regions, Mayors of Kajaran and Akhtala, an expert of geology (Syunik Region) and two other experts involved in “Assistance to the development of institutional skills with the objective to ensure environmental management, involvement and transparency in mining sector” grant project of “Institutional Development Fund“ participated in the training. The goal of the visit was the participation in seminars and events over improving management skills of vulnerable communities involved in mining activity. There were discussed topics related to mine exploitation recultivation, coke fuel production, founding a museum of exploited mine, up to date technologies for drainage cleaning stations and metallurgy factory, ecoeducational center activities. As a result of the visit the participants acquired some knowledge. There were hold meetings at the town halls of Katowice and Zabrze. The delegation had a meeting with E. Ghazaryan, Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia to Poland.

The cooperation between “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Institution and international organizations started since 2002. While implementing “Natural Resources Management and Poverty Reduction” credit projects (2002-2009), PIU collaborated with the World Bank (WB), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).
Due to the realized activities as a result of the partnership with the World Bank were directed to water saving pools, perfection of management system of state forests, development of legal and institutional sector and improvement of human resource capabilities by the community administrations. Working according to the WB procedures, PIU Staff has acquired programming and efficient performance excellence of the project. Improvement of WB procurement procedure, current supervision over project application and standards of assessment.
The partnership with GEF was addressed to the advancement of management system of protected areas and biodiversity conservation. The major beneficiaries were “Sevan” and “Dilijan” national parks, “Zikatar” environmental center.
SIDA means were intended for efficient activity of human resource, community support, and progression of informational and educational sphere.
During the period PIU cooperated with American ERM, European SOFRECO, INDUFOR, SPAN organizations.
In 2010, being reorganized as ”Project Implementation Unit” SNCO by the RA Government, it has continued the collaboration with international organizations. With the GEF financial assistance National portfolio – GEF 5 project was accomplished, as a result of which proposal package of projects to be implemented (2011-2015) by GEF financial support was submitted to GEF by the Republic of Armenia.
In 2010, UNDP realized independent audit; “EPC” SNCO launched a part of UNDP/GEF “Improvement of specially protected areas in Armenia” project of middle extent. Within the scope of the same program, the partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) was productive in the process of reconsideration of the RA law on “Specially protected areas in Armenia”. In 2011 the RA Government liquidated “EPC” SNCO and formed “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Institution on the basis of its cadres, material and technical base. Maintaining its cadres, the newly formed PIU could be an experienced and reliable partner for international associates.
Within these period “Reconsideration of national projects of national biodiversity strategy and actions” and “Reconsideration of national projects of fighting against desertification” grant programs were submitted to GEF.
PIU also realizes “Ensuring environmental management, involvement and transparency in the RA mining sphere” grant project, financed by the World Bank, which provides the country with cofinancial part through its workforce and material and technical opportunities.
Presently, the coordination of “Improvement of nourishment means through conservation and utilization of agricultural biodiversity in Armenian communities” project implementation format is prepared by the UN Environmental Programme. The initiative of eco-educational project has been launched with the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation (GIZ) programme.
According to its policy: influence on the revenue of more grants in the country; TRUST FUND PIU trusting works were initiated within the frameworks of the UN Convention on “Climate Change” within the scope of UNDP/EU “ClimaEast” project. The trusting works will be followed by the grant proposal preparation and submission to TRUST FUND.
The grant project proposal of ”National portfolio – GEF 6” package preparation is in the termination phase the fulfillment of which will enable the cooperation with GEF (2016-2020). The essential component of international collaboration is the coordination of works of international organizations by PIU employees.
Armenia has the status of alternate member of the Council in GEF. It enables the state to participate in the Council session of GEF twice a year. The PIU representative acts on behalf of Armenia as an alternate member of the Council. The Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) is realized by UNDP addressing the activity improvement of environmental NGOs, which is coordinated by the PIU representative as well. PIU collaborates the works of Transboundary Joint Secretariat (TJS), as well as scientific and technological sphere of “Fight against desertification” Convention.