Cleaning works of Lake Sevan water covered areas.

Period: May-June, 2015
Noratous Area

Period: 15.03.2015 – 15.04.2015
Noratous Area

The following works were accomplished within the defined period of time (20.12.2014 – 15.03.2015)
Noratous Area:

– Uprooting of trees and bushes with the help of Watermaster classic III tractor (more than 1m depth) and loading on ПТС-М automatic raft -8ha/600cm density
– Displacement to the shore (to the transport loading place), average of 200m distance-600 cm density
– Clearance of timbers, sprigs and roots with CAT 428E excavator – 600 cm density
– Timber severance– 100 cm density
– Uprooting of trees and bushes in swampy areas and in the water (up to 1m depth) with the help of T-170 tractor ( or equivalent) and removal of rotten roots up to the machine average of 200m distance-7ha/716 cm density
– Timber severance-91 cm density
Overall 15ha in Noratous Area.