Working visit to Urtsadzor community

The purpose of the business trip in the frames of the of fully-developed project proposal “Strengthening land based adaptation capacity in communities adjacent to protected areas in Armenia” to be submitted to AF was: Read More

World Environment Day at the Ministry of Natural Protection

On June 5, the Ministry of Nature Protection celebrated World Environment Day. Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan congratulated the Ministry Staff and structural subdivisions on their professional holiday, wishing them new achievements. By the decree of the Minister of Nature Protection, the head of Ecological Education Division of SA EPIU, Rubik Shahazizyan was awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of conscientious work in environmental sector. Our team also joins the congratulations and wishes our colleague new successes.

UNCCD secretariat has approved the programe “Implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality concept in Ararat valley of Armenia”

The objective of the proposed project is to minimize land degradation and desertification processes in the Ararat valley by improving socio-economic conditions of the local communities and by doing this to contribute to the achieving LDN target set up by the country. In particular, on the basis of short-term goals of the project it is proposed to test and apply various SLM technologies on the small areas, which should help to reduce land degradation and improve socio-economic conditions of the affected population. The aim is to contribute to the enhancement of livelihood of the affected communities; improve the conditions of the affected ecosystems; protect the biodiversity, restoration of soil productivity; introduction of water-saving methods of irrigation

Adaptation Fund Board endorses grant project presented by EPIU

On March 12-15, 2019, the meeting of the UN Adaptation Fund (AF) took place, in the course of which, “Enhancing of Adaptive Capacity of Communities and Ecosystems Adjacent to Specially Protected Areas of Nature of Armenia” grant project costing USD 2.5 million, submitted by “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” SI of the Ministry of Nature Protection, was considered and approved. Read More