“Environmental Projects Implementation Unit” state agency. Team works

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As with all successful organizations, the productive work of “Environmental Projects Implementation Unit” state agency is conditioned by consolidated teamwork. The professional staff ensures the cooperation with international and local partners, as a result of which we have international fame, a proper process of project implementation, which contributes to the solution of certain environmental issues in our region. The key to successful work is the selection of team staff.  By working together, employees complement each other’s practical skills.

Land reclamation works in Vardakar community

On May 4 of this year, employees of “Environmental Projects Implementation Unit” state institution – acting chief specialist of the Eco-Educational Projects Unit G. Mirzoyan and acting first-class specialist of the Project Implementation Unit of Donors S. Ananyan, went on a business trip to Vardakar community of Shirak province within the frameworks of “Artik city closed stone pit wastes and flood management” project.

The objectives of the business trip were:

  1. To be present at the nitrogen fertilization works of the arable lands of Vardakar community  implemented by “A. Simonyan” private entrepreneur.
  2. To be present at the works of locating an automatic weather station by “Hydroaderology” Monitoring Center SNCO.
  3. To observe the construction works carried out by “Merdzmoskovyan” (“Moscow Area”) LLC.

The EPIU employees were present at the nitrogen fertilization works of the arable lands of Vardakar community carried out by “A. Simonyan” private entrepreneur. The contractor implemented fertilization and fertilizer distribution works according to the list of beneficiaries submitted by Vardakar Municipality. Project beneficiaries received nitrogen fertilizer according to the list, and the contractor carried out their transportation and spreading works.

Subsequently, S. Ananyan, together with the representatives of “Hydroaderology” Monitoring Center SNCO, participated in locating the coordinates of the automatic weather station. The above-mentioned coordinates are located.

At the end, EPIU employees G. Mirzoyan and S. Ananyan observed the process of the construction works carried out by “Merdzmoskovyan” LLC. Works of building gabions were underway at the construction site.


Round table discussion at EPIU

On 6 April 2021, a round table discussion was held in the frameworks of the “Engaging Future Leaders: Digital Education Module on Adaptation Challenges and Best Practices for Youth” project. Read More

Interview in the frameworks of “Engaging future leaders: digital education module on adaptation challenges and best practices for youth”

Environment and climate action are most effective when young generations play an active role!
EPIU is the initiator and responsible party for the education of an environmentally cultured generation of technocrats.
Please find the interview with Lusine Hovhannisyan, International Projects Cooperation Manager at EPIU, via the below-mentioned link.

Concluding seminars in Tsakghkadzor

A series of workshops on the 7th National Report of the UNEP/GEF Convention to Combat Desertification Grant Project were organized by “Environmental Projects Implementation Unit” State Agency at Tsaghkadzor General Sport Complex from February 1 to February 6, 2021. Read More