Adaptation Fund’s Annual Direct Access Seminar Brings Vulnerable Countries Together to Enhance Climate Action

On September 26-30, 2022, Armen Yesoyan, Acting Director of “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Agency of the Ministry of Environment , as the head of the Armenian national implementing entity (NIE) accredited to the Adaptation Fund, took part in the 9th Annual global seminar of accredited NIEs held in Washington, D.C..

The annual seminar traditionally serves as an opportunity to engage with the Fund’s NIEs, which continue to grow and expand under its pioneering Direct Access modality.

Participants exchanged country-level experiences with projects on the ground and accessing finance from the Fund, while the Secretariat will familiarize participants with the Fund’s emerging grant funding windows in project scale up, innovation, learning, and enhanced direct access that are available to countries, in addition to its regular concrete single-country and regional projects and related processes such as project preparation, gender and reaccreditation guidances, as well as results-based management and evaluation.

During the 3rd day of the seminar, Acting Director presented EPIU’s experience of adaptive management accumulated during the implementation of projects funded by the Adaptation Fund.