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Final series of workshops

On September 9-12, 2020, a series of workshops in the frameworks of “Support to Produce the Sixth National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)” UNEP/ GEF project took place at the “Tsaghkadzor General Complex” hotel. Read More

Business trip to Artik region

From August 15 to 19, 2020, within the framework of “Artik city closed stone pit wastes and flood management” grant project, project coordinator K. Bznuni, specialist of environmental and social guarantees G. Mirzoyan, as well as monitoring and assessment specialist S. Ananyan visited Artik, Vardakar, Nahapetavan և Harich communities of Shirak region.

The aim of the visit was to examine the results of the land improvement works of 300 hectares of arable lands, 15 hectares of grasslands and 190 hectares of pastures carried out in the mentioned communities in the frameworks of the program. Questionnaires had been prepared in advance enabling to find out the quality of the implemented work through surveys, to estimate the impact of the works on the yield, land quality improvement, as well as the impact of the environmental and social risks originated in consequence of the works and the implemented work on the beneficiaries’ social status.

From August 15 to 19, the group of experts examined the current state of the pastures, grasslands and arable lands in Artik, Harich, Nahapetavan, Vardakar communities, met with different beneficiaries involved in the project, who were engaged in harvesting, haying and grazing their large and small cattle. During the interviews most of them emphasized the importance and usefulness of the project.

The beneficiaries stated that as a result of the land improvement works the yield as well as the conditions of the pastures and hayfields have improved, and the productivity of the livestock has increased to some extent.

GCF Board “Forest resilience of Armenia, enhancing adaptation and rural green growth via mitigation” project

The Board of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) convenes its 26th board meeting on August 18-21, 2020, for the first time in a virtual format. Fifteen applications concerning projects and accreditation have been submitted for discussion of the GCF board meeting.

Today, on August 19, the GCF Board discussed and approved the grant project “Forest resilience of Armenia, enhancing adaptation and rural green growth via mitigation”.

GCF funding in the given project will amount to ten million US dollars. The project is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, improving the sustainability of forests, as well as enhancing adaptation.

The project will be implemented by the “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Agency of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia and Food and Agriculture Organization. 

More detailed information on the project is available at the following link: https://www.greenclimate.fund/project/sap014#impact.

Adaptation Fund’s Technical Assistance Grant project

Grant project aims to strengthen the capacity of “EPIU” SI in the areas of environmental, social and gender risk management and evaluation. As well as align its procedures and policies with the ones of Adaptation Fund.