A working visit to Narek community

On June 6, 2019, in the frameworks of “Implementation of Land Degradation Neutrality concept in Ararat valley of Armenia” pilot project, Head of implementation unit of budget projects M. Tovmasyan and leading specialist of eco-educational project unit G. Mirzoyan with a working visit have taken a trip to Narek community of Ararat marz.

The aims of the visit were: firstly to monitor the process of construction activities of the drip irrigation system in fruit orchards of Narek community in the frameworks of the project, and secondly to pass the next batch of bio-humus to the community.

The places, where construction activities of the drip irrigation system are in process, were visited. Concluding, it is worth to mention that in the 12-hectare area irrigation pipes were installed, and in total 5,400 kg of bio-humus was passed to the community.