Capacity building trainings on Electric Mobility

In October and November 2023, capacity building trainings were held in the cities of Vanadzor and Gyumri within the framework of the grant project “Transition towards Electric Mobility in Armenia”, implemented by the “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Agency with the financing of the Global Environment Fund, the UN Environment Programme and co-financing of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Armenia.

The trainings were aimed at equipping the stakeholders with knowledge about the development and planning of the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations, technical characteristics of electric mobility, waste management of electric vehicle batteries, electric mobility strategy, policy and legislative regulation, tools for financing and gender aspects of electric mobility.

The trainings were attended by about 55 participants representing the public and private sectors.

The trainings were conducted in a hybrid format using participant-centered formal and informal educational methods. The formal part of the courses was conducted by project experts and specialists of the implementation team in the form of presentations and Q&A sessions on the above topics, including, the online presentation of he GEF Global Mobility Program and the platform for regional support and investment by Victor Bonilla, the head of the Platform of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Within the framework of the trainings, the use of informal educational methods was carried out through the organization of teamwork under the guidance of mentors. In the course of teamwork, the participants identified the main challenges of the development of the sector, proposed their possible solutions.

Environmental Project Implementation Unit hosted the Projects Monitoring Mission of the Adaptation Fund

On April 3-7, 2023, “Environmental Project Implementation Unit” State Agency hosted the Projects Monitoring Mission of the Adaptation Fund (members of the delegation: Mahamat Assouyouti, Martina Dorigo, Alyssa Gomes), the purpose of which was to familiarize with the results of the projects funded by the Fund and implemented by the State Agency on the ground, monitor the successful experience and best practices performed by the EPIU, collect information on the progress of the project implementation, the lessons learned for further analysis and dissemination among other NIEs of the Fund.

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Seminar on the creation of MRV system and the development of ECB certificate template within the framework of EPIU’s project

On November 25, 2022, within the framework of “Building System MRV and Knowledge Management” component of the UNDP/GCF project “De-risking and Scaling-up Investment in Energy Efficient Building Retrofits”, a seminar was held on creating a MRV system and developing a template for a certificate of energy characteristics of buildings (ECB).

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